Dreams of Wind and Water by Yrsan Daro  

"Dreams of Wind and Water" is the extraordinary debut CD from Yrsan Daro. Consisting of 13 beautiful solo piano improvisations, the music will take you on a journey of exploration through a variety of moods, from the serene and wistful to the stormy and seductive.

This original and deeply personal glimpse into the reaches of the creative imagination has now become a staple of New Age radio playlists throughout the world.




A powerful fusion of world, jazz, and new age music, "Beyond the Edge of Time" builds on the passion first expressed in "Dreams of Wind and Water", adding multi-layered synthesizers and percussion to Daro's virtuosic piano.



      High-energy jazz, blues, and world music combine in this edgy collection, as Daro once again pushes the boundaries of the expected.

LATEST NEWS: "Screenplay", the newest CD from
Yrsan Daro
, is now available for purchase.
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